After 27 weeks and more than 900 hours of training, 26 police recruits graduated for the 106th Greensboro Police Academy and were sworn in as Greensboro Police Officers, on Thursday, Aug. 22 at the Carolina Theatre.

At the graduation ceremony, in addition to diplomas, the men and women received their badges and took the oath of office. Lawndale Baptist Church donated a Bible to each officer taking the oath.

The instruction at the Police Academy covers more than 40 different areas of study including interpersonal communication, problem-solving and using technology to make the community safer.

As part of the communications training, recruits were taught the principles of procedural justice and implicit bias. Procedural justice is a method of listening and talking that is designed to increase mutual understanding and trust. Implicit bias training recognizes the inherent biases in all people.

The current Police Department mobile data systems provide near-real-time crime analysis information and the recruits learned how to make best use of that other technology.

One graduate, Kyler Proffitt, joined his father, who was a member of the previous class, and his sister, who was sworn in as a Greensboro police officer in 2017, on the force.