The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department posts some pretty impressive numbers in its annual report: 4.2 million visits, $16.2 million in economic impact, 5,496 volunteers, 41,026 volunteer hours and 11,950 youth volunteer hours, 177 special events hosted and 24 free concerts, to name a few.

In February, the City Council approved Plan2Play, the 20-year comprehensive plan for Parks and Recreation giving a framework of what to expect between now and 2039.

One of those plans that is moving forward is the Battleground Parks District, a collaborative effort to connect activities at the Greensboro Science Center, the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and the City of Greensboro recreation facilities in the area into one destination. The Greensboro parks are what ties the whole area together.

Even large undertakings are accomplished with small steps, and the annual report notes that in the past year the department designed and installed new Battleground Park District maps and signage connecting the Science Center, Country Park and the National Military Park.

The annual report has an entire page of where Parks and Recreation expanded its offerings in the past year. They include everything from expanding the aquatic programs to holding the first annual drone rodeo at Gateway Gardens.

The Barber Park Event Center and Ruth Wicker Tribute to Women was completed and over 100 events booked. In fact, the Barber Park Event Center’s popularity was so immediate that the Greensboro City Council, which met there in July, had to change the day of its meeting to Monday because Tuesday was already taken.

And no list of accomplishments of the Parks and Recreation Department in the past year would be complete without noting that the pickleball courts at Smith Community Park were opened.