Composting is a way of life for some people and the City of Greensboro would like to see that number grow.

During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, people spent a lot more time at home, which resulted in many people spending more time on their lawns and gardens.  Beautiful lawns and gardens require good soil, water and sufficient sunlight.  The city is offering to help residents with two out of three by providing composting bins and rain barrels at a reduced cost.

Greensboro is offering residents the opportunity to purchase 65-gallon compost bins for $52 and 50 gallon Ivy rain barrels for $71.  The bins and barrels must be ordered online by 11 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18, and picked up at the White Street Landfill at 2503 White St. by noon on Saturday, Oct. 8.

To place an order for compost bins or rain barrels go to: .  In addition to placing an order there is also more information about the compost bins and a video on how to install one or two rain barrels.

Not only do compost bins produce wonderful enrichment for the soil, they also keep garbage out of the landfill.

Greensboro’s waste reduction educator Masey DeMoss said in the press release, “Whether you want to enrich your soil or take better care of the planet, there are plenty of reasons to start composting.”

According to DeMoss, 25 percent of a typical household’s waste can be composted, which frees up space at the landfill and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers on lawns and gardens.

Water Resources Public Education Coordinator Laine Roberts notes that nearly 40 percent of a typical household’s water use during the summer is made up of lawn and garden watering.  Rainwater has a higher oxygen count than tap water and promotes plant growth and healthy soil and rain barrels can help reduce your water bill.