Greensboro Police Chief Should Be Elected

Dear Editor,

I have spent the past 10 years trying to get the attention of our mayor, our City Council, our chief of police and our news media to enforce all traffic laws in Greensboro to no avail!

Needless to say, our streets are very dangerous, many have been injured or killed, and our city is not safe for our citizens.  Obviously, Mayor Nancy Vaughan is oblivious on how to make our city safe again? Her comment, “You can’t police your way out of crime,” says it all on her failures to make Greensboro safe.

I hope Zack Matheny can make a difference as our new District 3 city councilman in leading our city to be a safe place, and, yes, our citizens and business leaders want Greensboro to be a safe place.

Since our city leaders have proven they can’t get a grip on crime or just can’t quite find the right police chief, is it time to have a Greensboro police chief that is elected by its citizens?  Why?  An elected Greensboro police chief would serve at the pleasure of its citizens.  If he didn’t protect these citizens, he would be gone.  This has worked well with our Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, as we have had outstanding leadership there for decades with individuals like Sticky Burch, Paul Gibson and BJ Barnes. Please consider this thought, we need action and we need it fast.

Jim Donaldson