The City of Greensboro has lost an unusually high number of top administrators this year.

City Manager David Parrish has resigned effective June 30.  Parrish has not announced his future intentions as far as working.  However, Parrish is in his early 40s so retirement would appear to be a long way off.  When Parrish was promoted to city manager in 2018, the assumption by some councilmembers was that hiring a 39-year-old as city manager would bring some long term stability to the office, but almost exactly three years later he is resigning.

At the June 1 City Council meeting, Mayor Nancy Vaughan noted that Neighborhood Department Director Stan Wilson had left to accept a job in Georgia.

Vaughan praised Wilson for the good job he had done running the Neighborhood Development Department and in particular for his efforts with the affordable housing program.

Two long time department heads have also retired this year.  Field Operations Director Dale Wyrick, the first and only director that department has ever had, retired April 30.  Wyrick created the department from bits and pieces of other departments and, while he was director, the city added more bits and pieces from other departments for Wyrick to manage.

With no public thanks from Vaughan or the City Council, Financial Services Director Rick Lusk retired March 31.  In part due to the lucrative retirements benefits that government employees receive, many city employees retire on the day they have their 30 years in and are eligible for full retirement benefits.

Lusk was the exception.  He worked for the City of Greensboro for 35 years and had 45 years in the state retirement system, but he chose to retire at the end of March.

Parrish named Julio Delgado director of the Field Operations department in April but both the Financial Services Department and the Neighborhood Development Department are being managed by interim directors.

Assistant City Manager Chris Wilson was named interim city manager and the City Council announced it would do a national search for a new city manager.