Dangerously Naive Good Scientific Intentions

Dear Editor,

There are too many unanswered COVID-19 origin questions.  This is not just a healthcare issue.  If US government scientists funded Chinese scientists, the Chinese communist government, to develop more lethal/more contagious diseases, this is the greatest national security failure in history.

Some scientists genuinely believe that making diseases more dangerous – gain of function research – in controlled laboratory environments, will save lives.  We could potentially development vaccines before natural evolution causes a pandemic.  Regardless of intentions, in the wrong hands, these modified biological agents could be used as weapons.  All labs receiving US money, no matter the location, should have had strict security measures and thorough counterintelligence reviews to prevent espionage. 

Just because US scientists had great intentions, didn’t mean the Chinese scientists had the same intentions.  The Chinese communist government, military and intelligence agencies likely had different intentions, hidden motives, than either the Chinese or US scientists.  Also, just because American scientists have great intentions does not mean advisories will believe us.  For example, if Russia participated in gain of functions research, we would logically be concerned this was cover for biological weapons development.

If true, what makes this worse is the lab allegedly receiving US funds is Chinese, a government with history of scientific espionage.  This research would be similar to NASA scientists working with Russian universities to create Soviet rockets during the Cold War.  The technology would have logically been used in Soviet nuclear weapons.

We also need to seriously investigate if COVID-19 was intentionally released.  Several scientists argue that China wouldn’t kill its own people.  However, the Chinese government may view their population different than we view ours?  China killed many of its citizens post revolution.  It is killing Muslims now.  They could have planned to purposely discriminate medical access.  It has so many people, that it only allowed one child per family.  This halves their population.  They may think they have too many citizens to control effectively?  Also, history shows us that democracies, countries with free speech, have growing communist sentiment during economic turmoil.

I’m not saying any of this happened.  Thousands of people get sick every year in DC and Atlanta, home of NIH/USAMRD and CDC.  That doesn’t mean the US government intentionally or unintentionally caused a pandemic.  However, it would be naive to ignore the possibility.  We need to stop being naive and investigate.

Alan Burke



Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, We Do

Dear Editor,

The description of the death of Andrew Brown in Elizabeth City always says he was unarmed and shot by police in the back of the head.  Why is it left out that he was attempting to escape and that he backed up then accelerated towards a policeman who had to jump out the way?  

“Congress tough hurdle on global tax.”  Indeed, the attempt by the G7 to impose a worldwide 15 percent minimum tax those evil corporations that provide us with food, fuel and cell phones might be hard to sell to the Congress.  “…make big multinational corporations pay their fair share so we can invest in our middle class,” says national security advisor Jake Sullivan.  Where does he think corporate tax money comes from?  It’s in the cost of the food, fuel, cell phones – in everything that we buy.  Tell your congressional representatives you’d rather keep the money and deprive the bureaucrats who would administer that program their jobs.  And yea for those evil Republicans – on track to eliminate state corporate income tax in 2028.  Do you think that might be a draw for businesses and the jobs that they will bring with them to North Carolina?  Dang right it will!

President Biden declared the Pulse nightclub a national memorial, declaring that we have an epidemic of gun violence.  Maybe “defund the police” is not such a good idea. 

Given all the badmouthing that the police get, is it any wonder the police (including the Highway Patro!) are having trouble finding people who want to be cops.

Walt Sperko