gave Greensboro something of a year-end boost on Saturday, Dec. 28.

On the TripAdvisor website, headings such as “5 Best Affordable Places To Stay In Hawaii” and “11 Caribbean Family Vacation Destinations for Kid-Friendly Beaches & Awesome Activities” are common.

Greensboro was included under the heading, “6 Southern Cities in the USA Bursting With Character, Culture, And World-Class Cuisine.”

The article starts out, “We know Southern cities like Charleston, Nashville, and Austin are top-tier destinations for visitors all around the globe (and rightfully so!). But today, we’re focusing on 6 destinations in the Southern states that don’t get as much acclaim – but are equally worth a visit.”

It’s great to be included, but it would appear that some folks might be a little confused if they rely on TripAdvisor for their information. The description of Greensboro begins, “Greensboro, North Carolina loves nightlife, shopping, and horses (8,000 buyers per year to the Sharpe Family Horse Farm.)”

There must be a Sharpe Family Horse Farm somewhere, but if someone shows up in Greensboro to see a man about a horse, they are likely to be disappointed. Greensboro is much more a college town than a horse town.

But even if they don’t get to buy a horse, if people come to Greensboro they should find plenty to like.

The description does improve, “Greensboro lives up to its name in the host of gardens, science centers, and arboretums. The Bog Garden features a living wetland ecosystem. History is also at home here with museums dedicated to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement. After a day of sightseeing, visitors flock to the Four Seasons Town Center for dinner, shopping and a movie.”

Folks also might have problems finding that Civil War Museum. It’s not on any list readily available. But not only does Greensboro have a museum dedicated to the Revolutionary War, it has a national park.

The other five cities on the list are Birmingham, Alabama, Knoxville, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, Greenville, South Carolina, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.