Greensboro, through a competitive process, has been chosen to host the Next City National Vanguard Conference in May 2020.

This is not just another conference where people will gather in Greensboro, hold meetings, hear speakers, enjoy a night out on the town and go away – hopefully with fond memories. This is a conference that has a goal of helping to improve Greensboro with fresh, new ideas.

The National Vanguard Conference will include three days of presentations, workshops and neighborhood tours for the group to learn and think about how to tackle the challenges facing Greensboro.   Vanguard participants, including experts on urban issues, will also hold panel discussions, meet with community leaders and visit sites of interest, all to get a feel for what is happening in Greensboro and what needs to be done.

The centerpiece of all that work is the “Big Idea Challenge,” which provides an opportunity for the Vanguard participants to leave a lasting mark on Greensboro.

The Vanguard conference is being officially hosted by Action Greensboro, which is partnering with the City of Greensboro, Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI) and the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau, who will serve as sponsors.

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The executive director of Action Greensboro, Cecelia Thompson, said, “Action Greensboro is excited to host the 2020 Next City Vanguard Conference in our progressive, welcoming Southern city. We cannot wait to show off what we’ve done to help our city and our diverse residents thrive and build strong connections with out peers from cities across the country. We look forward to working with the Next City staff to leverage our community’s unique assets. As a 2013 Vanguard, I know first hand, the impact the Vanguard Conference makes on the individual participant and host city.”

Zack Matheny, president of DGI, said, “We are eager to spotlight Greensboro’s growing energy and vibrancy to a national audience. As an organization which is focused on stimulating investment and activity in the center city, DGI is thrilled that Greensboro is the choice to host this annual leadership gathering of rising urban leaders.”