According to the report on crime data by Greensboro Police Chief Brian James, the first weeks of 2022 look a lot like the first weeks of 2021.

The report covers the Greensboro Police Department (GPD) in 2022 through Feb. 13.  There were seven homicides during that period and seven homicides during the same period in 2021.  Of those homicides, six were with a firearm in 2022 compared to seven with a firearm in 2021.

There were five rapes reported in the first weeks of 2022 compared to six rapes reported during the same period in 2021.

Aggravated assaults in 2022 are up over 2021 with 214 reported in 2022 compared to 192 in 2021.

And aggravated assaults with a firearm increased considerably this year with 145 in 2022 compared to 107 in 2021.

Robberies overall are down slightly with 52 in 2022 compared to 58 in 2021 and robberies with a firearm are almost the same with 29 in 2022 compared to 30 in 2021.

Burglaries are down from 214 in 2021 to 151 in 2022.  But both theft from a motor vehicle and motor vehicle thefts are up.  So far in 2022 there have been 316 reports of thefts from a motor vehicle compared to 292 in 2022 and motor vehicle thefts have increased from 126 in 2021 to 144 in 2022.

The vacancy report shows a slight improvement from the last report on Jan. 3 of this year when there were a total of 119 vacancies in the GPD.

The current report shows that as of Feb. 14 there were 109 vacancies in the department with 50 officers who are not fully trained and assigned.  Those 50 include officers in the academy, those in field training, lateral hires who have not completed training, pre-hires and those who have signed up for the next academy class.

That leaves 59 vacancies with 12 being nonsworn positions and 47 sworn vacancies.

Those figures indicate that as far as sworn positions the Greensboro Police Department is currently down 97 counting the officers who are not yet fully trained and assigned.