Director of the Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT) Adam Fischer is retiring at the end of the month.

Fischer was named interim director of GDOT in 2008 and the director in 2009. He began working for the city as a project engineer in 1987.

City Manager David Parrish, in an email to city council members, said, “Adam has admirably served this City since 1987, serving as Transportation Director since 2008. He has provided leadership on many road improvement projects, transit enhancements including moving to a more sustainable bus fleet, Vision Zero, multiple bond campaigns, upgrades to the City’s traffic management systems, and Bi-Ped planning to name a few.”

Although GDOT is known mainly for streets and roads, the GDOT director is also responsible for the bus system and what Fischer can count among his accomplishments is having the first electric buses running routes in North Carolina and building one of the largest fleets of electric buses on the East Coast, second only to Phillidelphia.

In an email announcing the release of the GDOT 2018-2019 Annual Report, Fischer added, “After a wonderful and rewarding 32-year career with the City of Greensboro, this will be my last annual report. Each year I am truly amazed by our accomplishments through a dedicated and committed staff of more than 250 GDOT staff and contracted employees. Great strides have been made to further develop a safe, multimodal transportation system, and plans have been developed that will sustain our transportation system in a manner that conserves our environment long into the future. It has been a great trip and look forward to seeing Greensboro continue to grow and prosper.”

Fischer took the helm at GDOT when former City Manager Jim Westmoreland was promoted to assistant city manager in 2008. Westmoreland retired as city manager in April 2018.