Power of Words

Dear Editor,

Main stream media is calling for increased pressure against the “Alt Right.”  Words have been given increased power due to political correctness advocates.  Scholars claim “incorrect” words are equal to physical abuse.  Many of us, must chose words carefully to avoid harming others. Precise nonjudgmental non aggressive words are enforced.  So, what is the “alt right?”

The term is extremely imprecise with both political and social connotations. Broken down, it means outside mainstream conservatives.  Socially, it is widely used in place of the more appropriate “white supremacy.” Reporters demanding increased restrictions on “white supremacy” instead use the term “alt right.”  Mixing these terms implies the user believe the term is interchangeable.  They believe “white supremacy” and nonmainstream conservatism are the same.  They demand increased economic, political, and social pressure to reduce “outside the mainstream conservatism.”

So, what is outside the mainstream, alternative, conservatism?  This is a purely individual subjective distinction. Alternative, outside mainstream, could mean having more moderate/liberal ideology.  Or, anything.  Politicians/journalists demand reduced freedoms for individual perceptions of an unspecified degree of conservatism.  Many conservatives have been attacked for exercising basic rights due to the terms imprecision.  Every conservative is potentially alternative.

The selective use of the term, only for conservatives, is politically motivated.  It isn’t used to describe liberals who are equally capable of racism.  We don’t attack “alt left” groups demonstrating anti-Semitism.  We don’t attack “alt left” politicians for thinking groups completely incapable of helping themselves therefore requiring government assistance.  Some “alt liberals” go overseas to teach foreigners “better” more western ways to live.

PC advocates should ban the term “alt right” for the same reasons it has other words and phrases.  The same politicians demanding precise nonjudgmental nonthreatening word choices promote misuse for gain.  Politicians gain by positioning opposition as racist and themselves as the only solution.  They demand punishment for the “alt right” to stop the spread…of “threatening” opposing ideology.  Constitutional rights have been attacked.  Any legitimate policy disagreement can be stopped in its tracks for mislabeling as racist.  One party/ideology, must chose words carefully, while the other has much wider freedom.

White supremacy is abhorrent and should be treated as terrorism.  However, many demanding “alt right” punishment are reducing individual freedoms for political benefit.

Alan Burke


Empty Shells And Ashes

Dear Editor,

To Roy Carroll: All your bold rhetoric and promises made when you assumed the helm are a lot like Independence Day fireworks on July 5, the morning after:  empty shells and ashes.

RIP: The Rhino Times.  Once a great weekly that Greensboro could be proud of, eagerly anticipating Thursday mornings. Now, even with all your online advertisers, it hits my inbox DOA.

Lonnie Wymer


Recall Them All

Dear Editor,

Maybe time to get a petition going to recall our governor and the head of both parts of our legislation over this lack of fulfilling their jobs, re:  The State Budget.

If they can’t get it done, someone else can.

James Cass


Don’t Trust MSM

Dear Editor

Whose mindless followers stand outside a private residence of a political figure and scream obscenities and make death threats…not Trump’s.

Whose brain-dead whiners go to any length to shut down speech and speakers they don’t agree with but demand to be heard anytime anywhere and demand you agree with them or else…not Trump’s.

Who will stretch logic and ignore/bury facts in order to associate President Trump with anything or anybody counter to what any reasonable person would consider legal or decent…not Conservatives/Republicans.

Who will allow and accept the slaughter of unborn children and is willing to murder a child actually delivered living yet could be an inconvenience…not Conservatives/Republicans.

Who will make up and publish lies out of whole cloth in order to try to bring down a sitting president because he actually means what he says and actually attempts to carry out what he promises…not Conservatives/Republicans.

The National (Democrat) Socialist party and their sycophant Social Justice Whiners are rapidly approaching a point where they will do literally anything to impose their will on the American people regardless if they want it or not. They will and are promising any and everything to any and everybody to include illegal aliens.

A truly scary situation currently taking place is they are starting to win the gun control battle thanks to Republican politicians caving to their rhetoric and manipulations. In typical fashion they know they can’t win the legal battle so they attempt to circumvent the Constitution by coming up with “red flag laws” or as I call it an attempt at legalized gun grabbing.

And if you think the Supreme Court fight is over, think again. A National (Democrat) Socialist Congressman is demanding records on Brent Kavanagh from his time under Bush in an attempt to find anything they can use to attempt to impeach and remove him from the court. And based on some previous Letters to the Editor there are plenty of people who hear and/or read things put out by the members of the Herman Goering School of Journalism that, again, are out and out lies, not that they care because it fits what they want to believe.

I urge every American who truly cares about this country to read both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and don’t simply accept what is put out by the MSM.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall