Monday, Dec. 9, Fresh Market – which recently announced its corporate headquarters would move to a new location but remain in Greensboro – received the kind of national press companies dream about.

Lawyers walking around with big leather briefcases stuffed with documents is a cliche, which is why photos and videos of Republican attorney Stephen Castor pulling his documents out of a reusable Fresh Market shopping bag at the impeachment hearings went viral.

Castor’s Fresh Market reusable shopping bag reads, “live, eat, shop, reuse,” but it doesn’t mention anything about also making a great briefcase when your on national television at a historic congressional hearing.

Fresh Market, which knows an opportunity when it sees one, joined right in and tweeted, “We’d like to announce that we are the official briefcase maker of Steve Castor. You can fill your briefcase up with files or yummy food (our preference).

“Mention hashtag #TFMBriefcase over the next 24 hours in-store to get your own briefcase for free (aka reusable bag!).”

So if you have been wanting a new briefcase that can double as a reusable shopping bag, all you need to do is visit a Fresh Market on Tuesday and mention hashtag #TFMBriefcase, but it will be tough for you to get as much national press for your briefcase at Castor got for his.

Here are just a few of the comments found on Twitter:

“hey you’re bringing your briefcase today for your nationally televised impeachment hearing right?”

“no, no I’ll be fine with this.” j.d. durkin

“Steve Castor, like me and everyone else I know, carries stuff in a reusable supermarket shopping bag.” Jake Sherman

“idk that’s a very liberal-looking amazon-wapo kinda bag Caster had and I hope the security screeners checked it for tofu and kale.” George Conway

“Babe, why don’t you take that nice briefcase I got you for your birthday.”

“Don’t worry. No one will even notice.” Shane Morris