Nobody wants to come home to find strange men loading their belongings onto a trailer.

But that is the scene Joy Ojo found when she came home to her Treybrooke Village apartment on Dec. 5. Treybrooke Village is owned by The Carroll Companies, which also owns this publication.

There had been a mistake and Junkyard Dogs, which had been hired to clean out an apartment, had started cleaning out the wrong one.  In the good news category, Joy Ojo caught them in the act and, according to a list provided by the Ojo family, only 22 items had been removed from the apartment or were damaged when Ojo arrived home. Ojo declined to have any of the items that had been placed on the trailer returned.

But, unlike what has been reported in the media, the apartment was not “cleaned out.”

The 10 items the Ojos listed as missing include a hearing aid, alarm clock box, TV remote, iPad charger, documents, make up set, perfume, body cream and shower, towels, kid towels and bathroom curtain.  The list also states, “mine $250 & my wife $60” but does not list what items those amounts refer to.

The items listed as damaged include black and brown leather sofa, chairs, dinner table chair, mattress bed, pillows, bed sheets and curtain, our clothes and kids’ clothes, Samsung 55-inch TV, 13-inch Apple MacBook, important documents, glass table for computer, kids’ bed, dining table for kids, bathroom items and some kitchen items.

And, as often happens when things go wrong, they get worse.  Because a third-party removal company was involved, the management of The Carroll Companies was not immediately informed of the incident, which caused a delay in its response, and there is a communication problem because both Joy Ojo and her husband are hearing impaired and an interpreter is needed to communicate.

The Ojo family set a replacement value on the items missing or damaged of $7,000.  The Carroll Companies provided the Ojo family with $8,000 in cash with the hope that the missing and damaged items could be replaced as soon as possible.

The Carroll Companies also provided $3,000 in Christmas gifts for the family.  Unfortunately, before the Christmas gifts could be delivered, attorneys became involved and it is unknown whether or not the family has received the Christmas gifts that were delivered to the attorneys.

The Carroll Companies has also offered to upgrade the Ojo family from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment at no additional cost, but this offer also has yet to be accepted pending approval of the two law firms now representing the Ojo family.

Greensboro is a generous community and the Salvation Army and the Greensboro Police Department provided the family with furniture to replace what was missing or damaged.

The Ojo family also set up a Go Fund Me page and $10,101 has been donated.

The Carroll Companies has also offered to replace or compensate the Ojos for any additional items that they have since discovered were missing or damaged, but with two law firms now representing the family, communication has become even more complicated.

Roy Carroll, president and CEO of The Carroll Companies, said, “We feel very bad that one of our subcontractors removed the 22 items from one of our tenant’s apartments. Within hours of learning that the subcontractor was not going to make the family whole, RE Carroll Management was on site and delivered $1,000 more than the family said the 22 items were worth to the family. Since then, several local media outlets have misrepresented the facts surrounding the situation. We continue to try and stay in contact with the family through their two law firms.”