Invasive And Of Little Value

Dear Editor,

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and the mainstream media are having a field day with George Santos and the lies he’s apparently told.

But step back a moment and think this through. The (NS)DP and their lackeys are high fiving each other over this while at the same time continuing to lie to the American people on a bigger scale than what Santos did, and trying to paint the whole Republican Party as just as guilty.

Are they guilty; to some extent, yes. But if you want to start playing tit-for-tat, I think you’d find the (NS)DP would be way ahead. Not just ahead, but when you start looking at what those lies involve, the American people should be afraid, be very afraid. Lies hurt, but (NS)DP lies don’t just hurt, they are destructive to the American people and our way of life, and in one case border on treason.

Lies in politics are almost a way of life going back to just after the founding of this country. The problem with today versus back then is these bloodsu… I mean politicians, is that they have become a professional class, albeit one that We the People have allowed to continue to become what it is. They’re like the stands of bamboo you see around our state: very invasive and of little value.

The federal government was not envisioned or supposed to be as invasive as it has become. When some whiny liberal gets spanked and told no, you can’t do that, they somehow manage to convince some overlord at the federal level to take it away from us at the local/state level and force it on us. Abortion is a classic example. There’re some things that need to be controlled at the federal level but they are increasingly adding things the feds have no business being involved in and ignoring things they should be taking care of to the safety and protection of American citizens, the southern border being another classic example.

Imagine how much of our money we’d keep. We the People have allowed this to happen and we can change it … or we can continue to wring our hands and whine about it and empower our overlords more and more.

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry, American patriot.

Carpe diem or roll over.

Alan Marshall