Over a month after the incident occurred on Dec. 28, 2023, and almost two weeks after the Rhino Times broke the story, the Greensboro City Council is exhibiting interest in the domestic violence incident involving Greensboro City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba and two of his daughters.

Both the News & Record and the City of Greensboro have reportedly requested police officer body-worn camera videos of the incident be released.

According to the News & Record, the City of Greensboro is requesting that the police body-worn camera footage of the incident on Dec. 28 at the home of Jaiyeoba at 10 Postbridge Court be released only to the City Council and city staff.

Police body-worn camera videos are not public records and can only be released by an order from a Superior Court judge. However, in cases where police conduct has been questioned, the request has been made to release the police body-worn camera videos to the public.

But this request is in keeping with the city’s response to this incident at the home of Jaiyeoba, which so far has been to keep information from the public.  Along with watching the police body-worn camera videos, the City Council should also be asking why the police report on this incident was hand written and not placed on the police website where reports are made available to the public. In that police report that was only made available after several public records request were made, Tai Jaiyeoba and two of his daughters, Ileri Jaiyeoba and Moyo Jaiyeoba, were all listed as victims.

It is not listed on the police report, but according to those familiar with the incident, Tai Jaiyeoba had his shoulder dislocated as a result of the incident.

The female caller in one of the 911 calls released by the city states, “I hit him and pushed him and his arm is broken.”

The police report lists the “Crime incident(s)” as “Assault – Simple Physical.”

But no charges were filed.