Right now, the national polls have Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden out ahead of President Donald Trump.

However, Friday, Aug. 21, Republican Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson said he is confident Trump will not only arise victorious, but will do so in convincing fashion in November.

“Trump will win big,” Branson said.

Branson is focused on the November election because he’s running his own race to hold on to his District 4 county commissioner seat that he’s held since 2012. Branson is facing Democrat Mary Beth Murphy, a UNC-Chapel Hill grad who’s now a middle school teacher.

In 2016, as in 2020, Trump wasn’t favored in most polls, but he won anyway, and Branson said he expects to see a repeat of that this year. Branson said that many voters have shown a tendency to not speak up and say they’ll vote for Trump for president, however, when it comes time to cast votes, they go to the polls and vote for Trump despite that.

“I think the polls don’t really reflect his support,” Branson said.

With the Democratic National Convention now in the can, and the Republican convention set to take place this week, the country is about to be thrown full tilt into election season. Branson said this is the time of year when people start to really focus on the upcoming election.

The Republican county commissioner added that who wins at the federal level doesn’t really affect the way the Guilford County Board of Commissioners does its job. Though, this year, the federal government played an especially powerful role in Guilford County government. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the feds handed over nearly $94 million directly to Guilford County as part of a federal coronavirus relief package.