The Greensboro City Council has scheduled a work session for 2 p.m. Thursday, May 12 and you’re not invited.

In fact, nobody is invited because the meeting is virtual.

While most of the country has returned to regular meetings and gatherings where people meet together in the same room at the same time, the Greensboro City Council continues to hold its work sessions virtually.

The last work session held on Thursday, April 28 was virtual and was supposed to be available for public viewing on the Greensboro website, but it was not.  Of the first 40 minutes of the meeting, less than one minute was broadcast on City of Greensboro website.  Someone at city hall finally realized the meeting was not being broadcast and the meeting was recessed until the problem could be fixed.  However, the City Council did not start over, but continued the presentation on the Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (MWBE) program from where it had been stopped.

The City Council holds its regular meetings in the Katie Dorsett Council Chamber open to the public, but the work sessions, which before the COVID-19 restrictions were held in the Plaza Level Conference Room, continue to be held virtually.

According to the agenda, the work session can be viewed at[1]meetings or at

The April 28 meeting was reportedly broadcast on the City of Greensboro YouTube site, but not on the City of Greensboro website, so if you are interested in watching the meeting on May 12, YouTube might be a better option.

The agenda for the May 12 meeting only has one item on the agenda, a presentation – “Housing GSO Progress Report.”

As in keeping with the current policy, the presentation is not available on the website and will not be available on the website even after the presentation is broadcast.  So the total amount of information about what the City Council will discuss is that one phrase.