One item dealing with The Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts has been dropped from the agenda for the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 7, and two agenda items have been amended.

The agenda item that was dropped was to amend the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Greater Greensboro Community Foundation. The MOU was being amended to reflect additional money being spent on The Tanger by the City of Greensboro. City councilmembers had not been informed why that agenda item was dropped.

The items left on the agenda have been amended to alter where the money is being spent, but the total is the same.

The amount of money being added to the contract in “New Non-Taxpayer Funded and Other Project Fund Revenues” in what is now item 9 on the agenda has been amended from $1,335,000 to $2,045,000, for the contract with Barnhill Contracting Company.

And what is now item 10 has been amended from $1,210,000 in “New Non-Taxpayer Funded Sponsorship Revenues to $500,000 for purchasing contracts for theatrical Specialty Equipment.”

So it appears that $710,000 has simply been moved from one agenda item to another.

It was also announced Monday, Jan. 6 that Kontoor Brands and Brady Services were both sponsoring spaces at The Tanger, which is scheduled to open in March.

Kontoor Brands is paying $750,000 to sponsor the Lee & Wrangler Lounge, a pre-functionary hospitality space with a full service bar and access to The Tanger’s outdoor terrace that overlooks LeBauer Park and Kontoor Brands headquarters.

Brady Trane Services is paying $400,000 to sponsor a third-floor pre-function hospitality space. The Brady Trane Services Suite overlooks North Elm Street.

Greensboro Coliseum Complex Director Matt Brown said, “The commitments from longtime prominent Greensboro corporations Kontoor Brands and Brady Services will help ensure the Tanger Center will be a state-of-the-art facility that will transform Greensboro. The support from local individuals and families, businesses and foundations for this project has been nothing short of phenomenal as the entire Piedmont Triad region senses the growing excitement as we approach our grand opening in March.”