For months when Gov. Roy Cooper said that his decisions on how to handle the COVID-19 crisis were based on science, facts and data, people accepted Cooper at his word.

That has changed and Cooper is now being challenged on at least two fronts for not providing the science, facts and data on which those decisions have been based.

Over 25 media outlets joined together to file a lawsuit against Cooper on Thursday, May 27 for the release of public documents related to COVID-19.

Along with Cooper the lawsuit names Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen and Secretary of the Department of Public Safety Erik Hooks.

The lawsuit lists 26 public records requests submitted by media outlets in an attempt to gain information about the COVID-19 epidemic in North Carolina in which the public records have not been released.

The requests include the state’s database of COVID-19 cases with personal identifying information removed. Considering the fact that it has been confirmed that Washington State listed people who died of gunshot wounds as COVID-19 deaths, this would have particular interest to those reporting on the COVID-19 crisis in North Carolina.

On Friday state Sen. Rick Gunn (R-Alamance) issued a press release headlined, “Show Us the Science, Please”

“What science, facts and data shows that outdoor searting is more dangerous than indoor seating?”

“What science, facts and data shows that a drink at a brewery is safe, but a drink outside at a bar is dangerous?”

The press release asks for the science, facts and data to support Cooper’s decision to allow restaurants, breweries and wineries to open but not bars.

It notes that governors in other states such as Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, New York and Minnesota, “have reviewed the same science, facts and data but reached entirely different conclusions.”