The City of Greensboro has come up with a new solution to the controversial end of loose leaf collection.

In August, the Greensboro City Council voted to end the loose leaf collection program at the end of the current leaf season. Starting in March 2024, Greensboro residents will be required to place yard waste, including leaves, in the yard waste container that will be provided by the city or in biodegradable paper bags.

During the 2024-2025 leaf season, the city will not be vacuuming up leaves raked or blown out to the street but will only pickup leaves in the city provided container or in biodegradable paper bags, with a limit of 15 bags per week.

Despite the decision having been made in August, there are still petitions circulating opposing the end of loose leaf collection and now the city has offered another solution – don’t rake or blow the leaves at all.

The program called “Leave the Leaves,” launched by the City of Greensboro’s Office of Sustainability and Resilience under its Sustainable Landscapes project, encourages residents to “leave the leaves on lawn and gardens or mulch them instead of raking and bagging them.”

People who join the program will receive a lovely “Leave the Leaves” sign to display in their yard.

According to the press release, “Letting leaves naturally decompose where they land creates natural mulch that enriches the soil and creates a habitat and food for beneficial microorganisms, insects and small wildlife, among other environmental benefits.”

The Greensboro Sustainable Landscapes Project is an educational initiative led by the Office of Sustainability and Resilience in partnership with other city departments and community partners to encourage residents to use environmentally friendly landscaping practices to enhance the natural environment in and around their homes and businesses.

For those interested in learning how to not rake or blow the leaves in their yards, there will be a demonstration at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28 at the home of At-large Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter at 3601 Brassfield Oaks Dr.

Abuzuaiter has reportedly mulched the leaves in her yard for the past two decades.