Severe Discredit Upon The House

Dear Editor,

I hope that Congressman George Santos  is telling the truth when he says that he won’t run for reelection. Of course he could be ”embellishing.”

The House Ethics Committee says that his conduct brought “severe discredit upon the House.” I think that the two parties that run Congress have brought “severe discredit upon the House” for not removing George Santos in the first place. This is another reason why there should be term limits for members of Congress.
Chuck Mann


Is Vigilante Justice The Only Option Left?

Dear Editor,

The silent majority is finally starting to rouse themselves from their apathetic state and letting their elected lords and ladies – I mean officials, know that “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” They’re getting tired of being prosecuted for defending themselves and their way of life while the animals that commit the crimes are given a pat on the head and told “don’t do that again or I’ll have to tell you this again.”

How many times have we seen criminals with multiple convictions, sometimes in the double digits, given a slap on the wrist, if that, and turned loose? How many communities (and retailers) have told thieves, and that’s what they are, you can’t come back here yet when they do they still don’t prosecute. ‘I got caught trying to steal, never went to court, never got punished and simply told don’t come back. Yet I go back and do it again and still don’t get punished. Wow, what a country!’

Instead of punishing car thieves, some places are giving out tracking devices so you can find your car. But nothing is said about what happens if they manage to catch those responsible. Here’s a hint: nothing.

The worst part is, if you do try to stop it or help someone being victimized you are the one thrown into jail. “Oh, we can’t have vigilante justice in our streets.’ But we can have criminals slapped on the wrist and released. Anyone who remembers the old Superman comics would understand this comment: This is a Bizarro world (Google it).

How have we gotten to this point? Hmmm, maybe it’s the whiny, liberal people that are appointed and/or elected that tell the majority of us we are heartless and cruel for wanting to actually punish those that try to make us victims. Add to that the irresponsible parents that defend the actions of their offspring in order to hide their lack of parenting responsibility.

The line between a defender and a vigilante has become very blurred. I don’t believe in vigilante justice but I can understand why some people feel it may be the only option left.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall