Greensboro is holding a virtual “community conversation” about the development of East Gate City Boulevard at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 2.

The meeting is to discuss the future growth of this corridor and the “East Gate City Boulevard Existing Conditions Report” that has been prepared by city staff.

The area covered in the report covers far more than the properties along East Gate City Boulevard. It stretches south to Florida Street and Business I-85 and north to McConnell Road and Washington Street.  The entire study area covered by the report totals over three square miles and includes both Bennett College and North Carolina A&T State University and extends from the intersection with South Elm Street out to Business I-85.

The East Gate City Boulevard Planning Process is a collaborative effort that involves the Greensboro Planning, Neighborhood Development, Parks and Recreation, Library and Transportation departments.

According to the Existing Conditions Report, “In short, a planning process in this corridor will consolidate the communities’ vision, identify areas in need of improvement, and connect existing and future resources.

Some of the key findings from the report are:

  • Understanding the Area’s History Helps to Understand the Corridor. The report takes into account the history of the corridor when looking at data about the institutions and neighborhoods in the study area.
  • Excellent Road Access, Limited Walkability. East Gate City Boulevard provides quick vehicular access to downtown, parks, and highways. Travel within the larger study area can be more difficult due to an inconsistent street network, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. It is clear that past development in this area prioritized driving as the primary mode of transportation.
  • Rich in City and Community Resources. Several City facilities and historical community resources are spread throughout the study area.
  • Predominantly Residential, but Diversity of Uses. The corridor is most easily identifiable as residential but has numerous examples of unique and creative land uses that are anchored by activity centers throughout.

To register to participate in the virtual community conversation on Thursday, Dec. 2 email by Tuesday, Nov. 30.