Greensboro Streets Treated Like NASCAR Tracks

Dear Editor,

Signs need to be posted on billboards at every entrance into Greensboro: “All visitors to Greensboro may toss their garbage and trash onto our roads, curbs, lawns – same as our residents do with their trash and garbage bags.”

Signs also need to be posted on West Market Street: “All visitors to Greensboro may drive 70+ mph on West Market Street; may drive through red lights and stop signs; pass stopped school buses – same as our residents do treating our roads as if they were NASCAR race tracks.”

We’ve defunded our police and we have no local political leadership.

Tony Chibbaro


All Those Who Kill Should Be Punished

Dear Editor, 

I would like to comment on the killing of a cinematographer by Alec Baldwin. I am against all executions but I think there should be a minimum “death penalty.” By that I mean that anyone who causes someone to die should receive some sort of punishment whether the killing is accidental, self-defense or cold blooded murder. Some killers are executed. Some go to prison for “life” and some don’t receive any punishment. Police officers who kill are suspended with pay.

I am usually against’ mandatory minimum laws but I think that we need a national law that states that anyone who takes the life of a human being should be fined at least $100 and spend at least 24 hours in jail. Some killers of course would receive more punishment.

I read one news report that Baldwin ”accidentally misfired a prop gun.” Alec Baldwin pointed a gun at someone and shot her dead and wounded someone else. In my opinion any person who takes a life should receive some sort of punishment. 

Chuck Mann