What happens when Greensboro is trying to give away money and not enough people want it?

The city extends the deadline and does some more promotion.

The program in question is the Greensboro Low-income Homeowners Assistance Program established in April to assist low-income homeowners who were having difficultly managing the massive property tax increase the City Council passed for the current fiscal year.

In June 2022, the City Council voted to increase property taxes by the equivalent of 8.69 cents – the largest property tax increase in the history of Greensboro.  In March 2023, the Greensboro Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development proposed a program to assist low-income homeowners with the tremendous increase in their property tax bills and, moving with unusual speed, in April the City Council approved the program.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that the City Council recognized the huge property tax increase was causing undue hardship for some residents of Greensboro, the current recommended city budget, which is scheduled to be passed next week, includes a 4-cent property tax increase.  Before last year, a 4-cent increase would have been considered huge, but the City Council has reached a new dimension when it comes to increasing property taxes.

The program offers rebates to low-income homeowners equal to the difference between their 2021 city property tax bill and their 2022 property tax bill, and the deadline for application for this assistance was June 15.  The deadline has now been extended to June 20, which means the $250,000 to fund this program has not been handed out.

To qualify for the Low-income Homeowners Assistance Program, the total gross income for a one-person household must be $41,000 or less.  A household of two or more people must have a total gross income of $47,000 or less to qualify.

As well as extending the deadline, the City of Greensboro also announced that city staff will be on site at the World Refugee Day Celebration from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 17 at Hester Park to help residents apply for the Low-income Homeowner Assistance Program.

If that doesn’t work and there is still money left, perhaps the city will consider raising the income requirements, but that doesn’t seem likely.