The Greensboro City Council will hold its one business meeting of the month on Tuesday, April 20 beginning at 5:30 p.m.

This will be a “hybrid” meeting, which means that most or all of the City Council will be in the council chambers along with city staff, but the public including the media is not allowed to attend the meeting.  The council chambers is a large room and could easily accommodate a limited number of people with the recommended social distancing.

When the City Council began meeting virtually in April 2020, the City Council did not allow any speakers from the floor until October even though other speakers were allowed to speak at the virtual meetings. 

What is not on the agenda for Tuesday, April 19 may be more significant than what is.  There is no work session being held on Tuesday, April 19.  This City Council has a history of not holding many work sessions which are less formal meetings where city councilmembers discuss issues but don’t vote on them.  When the current City Council has held work sessions, they have been held on the third Tuesday of the month before the business meeting.  Councilmembers Justin Outling, Tammi Thurm and Marikay Abuzuaiter have frequently requested more work sessions.  Outling has repeatedly requested that the City Council have one work session a month on public safety.

At the April 6 City Council meeting even Assistant City Manager Kim Sowell requested a work session.

The City Council does have one rezoning request that had opposition from the neighborhood at the Zoning Commission meeting and was approved on a split vote.

The request is to rezone about 10 acres at 1300 Covered Wagon Road in East Greensboro from single family residential-3 (R-3) to residential single family-5 (R-5) which is the same zoning as the adjacent neighborhood.

East Greensboro is historically the most difficult area in Greensboro to have property rezoned.  So although from the zoning map, it may look like a no-brainer it might not be.