On Thursday morning, April 15, in the auditorium at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department’s District 2 office in McLeansville, the department honored its outstanding sworn and civilian employees for special contributions in the line of duty.

At the Awards Day Ceremony, for service during the year 2020, officers and other employees were thanked for their “acts of bravery and outstanding service” while protecting and serving the citizens of the county.

Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers presented the medals and awards to deputies and other workers that morning.  Among the award recipients were three who received the Purple Heart – awarded for “having sustained personal injury, in the honorable performance of duty, inflicted by an assailant with a dangerous and deadly weapon.”

  • Master Corporal Ryan Cole
  • Master Corporal Randy McLean
  • Deputy Brian Hopkins.

The Medal of Valor, which is given for “an act of outstanding personal bravery performed in the line of duty at imminent personal hazard of life” was awarded to the following:

  • Captain Matthew Holder
  • 1st Lieutenant Stephen Michael Burns
  • Sergeant Donnie Matthews
  • Sergeant Johnathan Hasty
  • Deputy Brian Hopkins

The Medal of Honor, given to those who showed “personal bravery or self-sacrifice in a situation of extreme danger,” is the least frequently awarded decoration from the Sheriff’s Department.  In fact, it’s only been awarded four times in the history of the department.  This year, two more people join that exclusive list:

  • Master Corporal Randy McLean (who also received a Purple Heart)
  • Detective James Stevens

Other notable awards include:

  • Ashley Case – Civilian Employee of the Year
  • Master Corporal Dudley Brewer – Deputy of the Year
  • Kevin Edmond – Rookie Deputy of the Year
    •Dustin Ritter – Detention Officer Rookie of the Year
  • Cecil Goins and Marvin Johnson – Detention Officers of the Year