The Greensboro City Council has two meetings scheduled for Tuesday, May 25 – 10 minutes apart.

The first meeting is a special City Council meeting scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.  There is one item on the agenda – “Matters to be Discussed by City Council.”

It’s projected to be an extremely short discussion because the second meeting of the day, the City Council work session, is scheduled to begin at 2:10 p.m.

The City Council has rarely made it through the consent agenda, which by definition is made of items that are noncontroversial and not supposed to be discussed, in 10 minutes.  So allowing only 10 minutes for the meeting is an indication that this is expected to be less controversial than the consent agenda.

“Matters to be discussed by City Council” also appears to be misleading because if the City Council were only going to “discuss” matters, there would be no need for a special meeting.  Matters can be discussed by the City Council at the work session, but by tradition the City Council rarely votes at work sessions.  So it would appear the actual purpose of the special meeting is not to discuss anything because 10 minutes is not enough time for a discussion, but to simply take a vote on a matter already discussed.

Not all of the city councilmembers know what the purpose of the special 10-minute meeting is, although some may have been informed.

The City Council work session that theoretically begins at 2:10 p.m. also has one agenda item, but it is far more descriptive – “Budget Cycle Overview.”

City Manager David Parrish presented his recommended $617 million, no-tax-increase budget to the City Council at the meeting on May 18. 

The manager’s recommended budget is usually passed by the City Council with a few minor changes.  Most often those changes involve providing additional funding to nonprofit organizations that one city councilmember favors and can line up four other votes to support.

Both meetings are of the new hybrid variety, which means most of the City Council and city staff will be in the council chambers, but some may participate virtually.  The public is not allowed to attend the meeting in person but can watch it live on the Greensboro Television Network at o-television-network-gtn

Or by going to the city’s website at