Sothern Border Scary And Radical

Dear Editor,

If you are paying attention to the situation on our southern border, you have seen and heard about the radical and scary increase in not just the number crossing, but the number being what equates to a free pass to enter and a free ride to the interior of our country where they easily blend in and get lost in the crowd.

Hey, Joe, what part of “…and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” do you not understand from your Oath of Office? And if it’s not bad enough, there is a report about how they are catching groups dressed in and finding discarded full body camouflage outfits at the border. Not homemade outfits, but military grade full body outfits. Think of the implications of this and how long has it been going on?

From what I can see, the policy changes the Biden administration is implementing on the southern border is designed to degrade policies established by President Trump to the point that there are no effective policies and the border is open. Also, consider that terrorist organizations think long term. If it takes a year to get everything into place in order to execute a successful attack, then so be it. How many “warriors of Allah,” along with their equipment and weapons, have made it into our country?

Another thing we need to be watching is how this administration reacts to the recent Iranian backed Hamas attacks on Israel. I hear the “we stand behind our Israeli allies” talk, but at the same time there are more and more subtle references to helping the Palestinians, i.e. Hamas. If you think the Palestinian people will see the level of help the administration plans on sending, you’re wrong.

One other thing about that situation, have you noticed how ever so subtly the administration is trying to take credit for the ceasefire that ended the violence? Guess what, it was actually Egypt that negotiated it. Watch the coverage as it progresses and see how often they imply that it was the Biden administration that got the ceasefire in place.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party knows they have a deadline, that being the midterm elections, to get their democracy killing policies into place before they lose the majority and some common sense returns to Congress.

Alan Marshall