Greensboro Police Chief Brian James released some more details on the arson and assault on a police officer on Friday, Aug. 27 that resulted in one death.

James identified Christopher Moore as the man who entered the police employee parking lot at 100 E. Police Plaza and used an accelerant to set fire to a marked Greensboro police patrol car.

James said after setting the fire, “Moore attacked an officer that was entering the building.”  James said that Moore struck officer J.M. Chavez multiple time in the face and head and then placed his arms around Chavez’s neck.

During the struggle Moore attempted to gain control of Chavez’s service weapon, according to James. Corp. A.L. Dellinger and Officer R.T. Brooks heard the attack and responded.  James said, “Ultimately the officers were able to stop the deadly assault.”

Moore according to earlier reports was shot by the police officers and pronounced dead at the scene. When asked how many shots were fired, James said he couldn’t say exactly because the incident was under investigation by both the State Bureau of Investigation and the Greensboro Police Professional Standards Division.

James said, “Based on preliminary information, it appears Moore came onto police property with the intent of starting the fire and attacking police.”

Chavez has been released from the hospital and according to James is expected to make a full recovery.

James said, “We’ve never had an incident to this degree in one of our parking lots.”

He said that one result of the incident was that the Police Department was going to assess ways to better secure its parking lots and facilities.

James said, “We’re certainly going to look at ways we can better secure our lots and make this as safe a work environment as possible.”

James said that fencing would be considered but that he wanted police facilities to be welcoming to the community as well as safe.

James said, “On Friday we were shaken by it.  It’s disturbing you think of this as a safe place.  I would still like to think of it as a safe place.”