No one likes paying taxes but, as everyone knows, taxes are one of only two certainties in life. 

And, while all property owners in Guilford County will have to pay property taxes once again this year, there is one move that will shave a little bit off that tax bill – pay your bill by the end of August. 

Property owners should have received their bill in mid-July and they can wait until right after the New Year to pay without getting in hot water.  

However, if you want to get a 0.5 percent discount for early payment, then you need to pay your taxes on or before August 31.  It’s not the most generous discount in the world, but, when you’re talking about thousands of dollars, every bit helps.

 Plus, county tax officials would rather have that money in hand early than collect the full amount in January.

Most property owners in Guilford County take advantage of the discount.  According to information collected by Guilford County’s tax staff and provided to the Rhino Times by Tax Director Ben Chavis, 60 percent of all the levies the department collected for 2020 were paid during the discount period last year.

 This year, as of August 17, that number was only at 21 percent.  The department won’t know where it will end up this year until it crunches the numbers again shortly after the first of the month.  According to Tax Department staff, the majority of payments for the discount period don’t show up until near the end of August.   

There are 24/7 Tax Department drop boxes at 400 W. Market Street in Greensboro and at 325 E. Russell Avenue in High Point.

Mailed payments will get you the discount if your envelope is postmarked by August 31.  Mail your check or money order to PO Box 71072, Charlotte, NC 28272-1072.

The department is reminding everyone: “No Cash Please.”

You can also pay your county property taxes using a MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card or American Express card. But a fee for doing so will cost you more than the discount saves you.

The county uses a service called “Payit” that allows property owners to pay tax bills online or by phone.  Payit collects processing/transaction fees, but the Guilford County Tax Department doesn’t benefit from those charges.  

Those payments can be made at or by calling 336-203-7795.