All across the country there’s a split among Democratic leaders as to what the party should do after President Joe Biden’s disastrous presidential debate performance on Thursday, June 27.

However, the most powerful Democratic political leader in Guilford County is making it crystal clear where he stands on the matter: Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said it’s absurd to consider abandoning President Biden and replacing him on the ballot, since he’s someone who’s provided excellent leadership for three and a half years but had one bad showing at a debate.

“You have to realize, Biden has a lot on his mind every day,” Alston said. “He’s not just campaigning – he’s running the country. Who knows what he got briefed on that day – terrorist plots, other threats to the country, key concerns regarding wars, who knows?”

Alston said that, on the other hand, former President Donald Trump had none of those concerns on his mind that evening.

“The only thing Trump has to think about is his golf game,” Alston said, adding that Trump even cheats at golf.

According to Alston, while Biden did have trouble at times expressing himself well during the debate, if you look at the substance of the answers of both men, Biden was the clear winner.

“Trump just evaded the questions and, those times when he did answer, it was lie after lie,” Alston said.

Alston said one prime example of evasion was when moderator Jake Tapper asked the former president about his role in the January 6 assault on the US Capital after Trump took an oath to defend democracy and the Constitution.

“Let me tell you about January 6th,” Trump responded. “On January 6th, we had a great border, nobody coming through, very few. On January 6th, we were energy independent. On January 6th, we had the lowest taxes ever, we had the lowest regulations ever. On January 6th, we were respected all over the world. All over the world we were respected, and then he comes in, and we’re now laughed at; we’re like a bunch of stupid people.”

Alston said that response didn’t answer the question, and also said that, even Trump’s evasive answer was patently false.

According to Alston, the US remains highly respected worldwide in large part due to Biden’s excellent leadership.

“He kept us out of a recession that everyone was predicting would occur and now interest rates are coming down, inflation is coming down, the unemployment rate is low and the stock market is at an all-time high.

According to Alston, all of that flies in the face of Trump’s incessant claims that the economy under Biden is absolutely terrible.

Alston also said that Republicans are attacking Biden because he had a bad debate, but that they continue to back Trump with religious zeal, despite the fact that Trump has committed crime after crime and told lie after lie.

“He’s a convicted felon,” Alston said. “He has 34 felony convictions – not to mention the indictments, impeachments, sexual assaults on women, sleeping with a porn star and trying to steal the election.”

Alston said that, this November, voters should be a whole lot more concerned about Donald Trump’s character – or rather, lack of it – than they should be about Biden’s age and the fact that he moves a little slower than he once did.

The chairman said that, given Biden’s record as president, his demonstrated ability to beat Trump in a presidential election, his life-long experience in government, and his impeccable moral character, he is the best man to take on Trump and run the country.

Alston also said that Biden has an excellent running mate and highly capable backup in Kamala Harris.  Alston got a chance to meet Harris in April of 2021 when she was in Greensboro and she took an impromptu tour of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, a museum that Alston co-founded.