The $600 per week federal unemployment supplement expired on July 31 and, as of yet, no agreement has been reached in Washington to replace it, which makes some of the other programs funded by the CARES Act more important.

One of those is the rent/mortgage assistance program, and Greensboro is now accepting applications for that program.

Those whose income has been affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns that need help paying rent, utilities or mortgage payments, who meet the income requirements, are being encouraged to apply.

Greensboro has about $2 million from the CARES Act for the program that is being coordinated by the Neighborhood Development Department, which has set aside $713,000 for rental and utility assistance and $100,000 for mortgage assistance.

To qualify you must live in the City of Greensboro, be over 18 and have a household income less than 80 percent of the Area Median Income. For one person, 80 percent of the area median income is $37,050, for a two-person household it is $42,350, for a four-person household it is $52,900 and it goes up from there.

To receive a rental assistance check, made out to your landlord, of up to $1,500, along with meeting the income requirement you also must have been current on your lease through the end of February and behind on rent for April, May and/or June. You may also qualify for up to $400 in utilities payment assistance.

Mortgage assistance of up to $1,500 is only available for a primary residence and you have to be current on payments through Feb. 29 and behind as of June 30.

The program is being administered by Housing Consultants Group that can be contacted through its website or by calling 336-553-0946.

These are one-time payments and once the federal funding is exhausted, the program will end.