Nearly every City Council meeting ends with appointments to boards and commissions by councilmembers.

There always seem to be a lot of seats that need to be filled.

It is rare for someone nominated to a board or commission not to be unanimously approved, but that might change.

The City Council decided that there was not enough geographic diversity on the boards and commissions and began making an effort to appoint an equal number from each City Council district. Since most boards and commissions have nine members and there are five council districts it is a mathematical impossibility to ever reach this goal.

The current concern on the City Council is that despite the fact that most boards and commissions have nine members with one member appointed by each councilmember, there is not enough racial, age and gender diversity on some of the boards and commissions. So along with being from the correct council district, the City Council has decided to also choose new appointees based on their race, age and gender, which will make the process of vetting new appointees more challenging.

But for those who would like to serve their city by participating on a board or commission there are a lot of possibilities.

The boards and commissions that currently have openings include:

Bryan Park Golf Commission

Commission on the Status of Women

Greensboro ABC Board

Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission

Greensboro Housing Authority 

Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission (GCJAC)

Greensboro Public Library Board of Trustees

Guilford County/City Insurance Advisory Committee

Guilford County Historic Preservation Commission 

Human Relations Commission   

Minimum Housing Standards Commission

Participatory Budgeting Commission

Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority Board of Directors

Redevelopment Commission    

Solid Waste Management Commission

War Memorial Commission

Of course, wanting to serve and having the qualifications to serve are no longer enough to get appointed. A person also has to be from the correct council district and be of the race, age and gender to create the desired diversity on that particular board or commission.