In one week downtown Greensboro will be filled with crowds of people enjoying the North Carolina Folk Festival.

The NC Folk Festival is an annual event that celebrates creativity and cultural traditions through music, dance, food, crafts and other folk arts –  and it’s free.

Over 300 artists will be performing on multiple stages in downtown Greensboro from Friday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 10.

Even if your talents don’t rise to the level of performing on stage, you can play a part in the NC Folk Festival as a volunteer.

The NC Folk Festival still needs volunteers to perform a number of tasks that allow the festival to remain a free event.

The “Bucket Brigade” has openings for people who want to get involved. While the festival is free, it does accept donations and the “Bucket Brigade” reminds people that they can donate and makes donating as easy as tossing some cash into a bucket, something that doesn’t take a lot of talent or practice.

Volunteers on the “Bucket Brigade” work in teams, walking around the festival, and it provides a good opportunity for clubs, teams and families to enjoy the festival while making future festivals possible.

The festival is also in need of first aid and info services volunteers. No prior first aid experience is required but experience treating minor issues and triaging more serious situations is helpful. Volunteers will be handing out festival schedules, band-aids, water bottles and ice packs, answering questions and assisting festival goers with basic needs and information.

If you have any retail experience, the festival could use your help in the “Merch Tent.” Or if you want a little retail experience you might want to give the “Merch Tent” a try, where you will be selling items from the artists performing at the festival as well as festival-specific merchandise.

So if you want to be a part of the NC Folk Festival rather than just a spectator, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer.