On Thursday, Oct. 17, the City of High Point will host a public information session to discuss the city’s $50-million bond referendum on the ballot in November. That meeting will last from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the High Point Public Library in the Jim Morgan Room on the first floor.

The city is asking citizens to approve a bond referendum to improve roads, enhance parks and recreation facilities and create new affordable housing in the city.

The format of the Oct. 17 information session will be a “walk-in open house” – which means that representatives from various city departments will be available during that time to answer questions from citizens and to listen to concerns about the upcoming bond referendum on the November 5 ballot. The discussion at the meeting will include the background of the projects, what they will entail and the effect they’ll have on the High Point community.

If the $50-million bond package is approved by voters, $22 million will go to road and sidewalk projects, $21.5 million would go toward parks and recreation facilities and related needs and $6.5 million would be used to create affordable housing.

Advocates of the bond referendum say that borrowing the $50 million will not require a tax increase, and that it will, among other benefits, make roads and sidewalks safer and provide more recreation options for seniors and those who are disabled.