“It’s official. Guilford County Commissioner Carlvena Foster – who’ll be the candidate running against incumbent High Point Mayor Jay Wagner next month.

Foster has now officially beaten out former Guilford County Commissioner Bruce Davis for the second spot in that High Point mayor’s race. On Monday, Oct. 14, the Guilford County Board of Elections met in the Blue Room of the Old Guilford County Court House and counted all the provisional votes and other outstanding votes and determined that Foster had maintained the slight lead that she had over Davis on primary day last week. Three other county boards of elections that participate in High Point’s election did the same that day.

Fosters lead remained at less than one percent, which meant that Davis could request, and get, a recount. A representative of Davis who attended the Monday canvasing meeting stated that Davis would not ask for a recount. Instead, she conveyed a message from Davis that he wanted to thank the elections staff for their work.

Incumbent Mayor Jay Wagner, who finished first in the three-person primary by a wide margin, will now face Foster.

Many have been surprised that Davis is not asking for a recount. In some past elections, Davis has asked for recounts and he even once brought a legal challenge against the elections process when he came out on one the losing end.