The Greensboro City Council virtual work session scheduled for Thursday, April 14 has been cancelled.

The City of Greensboro sent out the cancellation notice on Wednesday, April 13, and it is worth noting that the meeting was cancelled, not postponed, and has not been rescheduled.

As Mayor Nancy Vaughan predicted on Tuesday, April 12, the meeting was canceled due to the visit to Greensboro by President Joe Biden.

It seems the majority of the City Council would rather hear the president of the United States speak than sit around discussing water and sewer issues.

The only item on the agenda for the virtual work session was a presentation on “water and sewer extension policies.”

Vaughan said that it is topic that she has been asking to have a work session on for a while and she hoped it would be rescheduled in the near future.

However, the possible water and sewer extension that has been in the news recently, Summerfield Farms Village, according to Vaughan, was not something the City Council was going to discuss.

Summerfield Farms Village is a large mixed-use development that David Couch is proposing to build in Summerfield.  The development as proposed would include single-family and multi-family residences and is highly controversial in the town of Summerfield.

About Summerfield Farms Village Vaughan said, “As far as I know we are not in discussions at this point.”

Vaughan noted that a task force had been set up to study the issue that included David Parrish, who was city manager at the time, but added, “We didn’t get any recommendations yea or nay.”

Vaughan said that before Greensboro considered a proposal to extend water and sewer service to Summerfield, Guilford County would have to get involved because, “We’re not going to pay for the infrastructure.”

Greensboro is growing and Vaughan noted that the major economic development wins have somewhat overshadowed the announcements of 50 or 100 new jobs, but that those added up and they all need water and sewer.