If you’re driving by Greensboro’s Apple Store on the morning of Friday, Feb. 2, don’t be surprised if you see a long line of people waiting outside.

It’s not a new iPhone release. The people in line are time travelers waiting to take a trip into the future.

Sort of.

For those who don’t know, the latest technological marvel from Apple hits Greensboro and the rest of the world on February 2, with many of  those who preordered the device early enough scheduled to get theirs delivered in-store on that date. For those who didn’t preorder the Apple Vision Pro, it will be a chance for them to try out the device that Apple promises will be “magical,” and the first iteration of a technology the company is calling “special computing” – the next major technology platform, Apple is hoping.

The future isn’t cheap, however.  The headset that delivers both augmented reality and virtual reality along with many other experiences will take a bite out of your wallet. The price starts at $3,499 for each of the devices that resemble large ski goggles.

The Apple Vision Pro allows you to run virtual computers floating in mid-air, transport yourself to other places in the world or even other planets, watch basketball games as if you’re sitting courtside, and view ultra-immersive 3-D movies – among many, many other things.

The first batch of Vision Pro headsets sold out soon after they went on sale for preorders at 8 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 19 to buyers who shelled out thousands of dollars for the headset sight unseen.

The crowd of people at the Apple store on Friday morning will be largely made up of those waiting to try out the device before spending thousands of dollars on it.

Apple may have set aside some Vision Pro units to sale at its retail stores on February 2 – so it could be a chance for those who want one to buy it without suffering through the long wait times being experienced by those currently placing orders online.