Guilford County Schools gets funding from Guilford County government, as well as the state and federal governments along with various grant money.

When it comes to the county’s funding, it’s now $3,663.89 per pupil.  That amount – which is what the county funded per student in the county budget for fiscal year 2022-2023, the last complete audited fiscal year – was $298 higher than in the previous fiscal year.

In addition to the money the county gives the school system for teaching students and running the schools, the county commissioners and county voters have also, in the last three years, approved $2 billion in school bond funding for school construction and repair.

Between the money the county gives Guilford County Schools (and, to a much lesser extent, Guilford Technical Community College) for operations, repair and construction, and the associated debt repayment, nearly half of the county’s budget now goes towards education.

That has Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston asking county residents to petition state government for more money for the schools – and he’s also asking the county’s cities and towns to chip in and help pay for education in Guilford County.

So far that request has fallen on deaf ears.

 Last year, when parents filled the commissioners meeting room at a public hearing on the budget, Alston encouraged them to direct their requests to the state instead since, he said, the county was already doing all it could.

Ten years ago, the county funded students in Guilford County Schools to the tune of $2,467 per student, and that number has gradually increased every year since then.  In fiscal year 2020-2021, the county passed the $3,000 per student mark, with a payout of $3,155 given to the schools for each pupil enrolled.