UN Has Got To Go

Dear Editor,

United Nations: An organization as effective as a traffic cop on Valium.

When first proposed and established, the UN was most likely effective…for about 2 weeks. While the concept and initial organization was good, it has become an organization that is a lot of talk, but no actual effectiveness. It has become a cover for despots and dictators to establish and support themselves. It has also become, IMO, the single largest money pit in the American budget.

There are several cut and dried examples of how ineffective this organization is. Not only ineffective but, as has been revealed, blatantly and openly being used as an arm of organizations like Hamas. They not only basically stand by and allow things to happen, they have been proven to be participating in actions they are supposed to be monitoring and preventing.

Additionally, they seem to believe they have every right to come to the United States government and dictate this, this, and this needs to be done in order to bring us into line with the rest of the world. Their biggest complaint is Americans intent on exercising our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. God forbid people should arm themselves instead of relying on the UN to protect us.

One of the things I hear is “US out of the UN, UN out of the US” and I think it’s about three-quarters right. The UN needs to find itself a nice piece of land someplace outside the United States, declare it neutral territory, and pick up from there. Additionally we need to cut WAY back on the amount of money we are throwing down that rat hole. Think about how much more we could do for our own people with the money we throw at the UN.

The U.N. has a purpose. The problem is it’s evolved into a socialist/communist based purpose. As I said, it has a purpose, but it’s devolved into one counter to what our country and others like ours are.

I’m hoping what I’m seeing is a wake-up slap across the face Americans have been needing for a while.

Carpe Diem…Come and Take It!

Alan Marshall


Complaint About Lack Of Withholding

Dear Editor,

I am a retired government employee. Last January (2023) I noticed that I had a raise in my retirement deposit. I made several calls and was told that North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell and the IRS had decided to stop all extra withholdings from federal taxes without telling anyone.

Like many other folks I have home and car insurance premiums due in early spring, so it’s nice to have the refund to pay these bills. We all had to contact the retirement system and set up the extra withholding again. I question what right he had to change our withholding and what other idiotic moves he would make as governor.

Bobby Reavis