The city has issued another revision to its list of vehicles donated to nonprofits, adding two more donated vehicles.

Here is the updated list of all vehicles the City of Greensboro has donated to nonprofit organizations since 2010.

The vast majority of surplus city vehicles are sold at auction, but according to the third, latest and perhaps final list provided by the Financial and Administrative Services Department, in the past 11 years the city has donated nine vehicles to nonprofit organizations.

Six of these vehicles have been donated to the Interactive Resource Center (IRC).  Five of those six were donated to the IRC in 2019 after IRC Executive Director Michelle Kennedy was elected to the City Council.

However, according to the most recent information from the Greensboro Financial and Administrative Services Department, in July 2015, before Kennedy was on the City Council, the city donated a 2004 Ford E150 van valued at $2,000 to the IRC.

Greensboro, according to this latest information, has also donated not one, but two vehicles to the Greensboro Children’s Museum for a transportation exhibit.  The first as reported earlier was a 2005 Crown Victoria police car donated in February 2010 valued at $3,500, and the second, which was not on earlier lists provided by the city, was a 2011 Crown Victoria police car valued at $2,000 donated in June 2016.

As noted in previous articles, the city also donated a 2008 Ford F-150 pickup truck valued at $6,000 to Greensboro Downtown Parks Inc. (GDPI) in August 2017.

The City Council is slated to consider donating a 2005 Dodge Caravan valued at $3,000 to the IRC at the Tuesday, April 6 City Council meeting.

If that donation is approved by the City Council, then in the past 11 years the IRC will have received seven surplus vehicles from the City of Greensboro, the Greensboro Children’s Museum two and GDPI one.

The other hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Greensboro, according to the Financial and Administrative Services Department, have not received a single surplus vehicle from the City of Greensboro although, according to information provided by the city, nonprofits are eligible to receive surplus vehicles with certain restrictions.