Border Wall Builders Out Of Work

Dear Editor,

By abruptly ending construction of the border wall Biden essentially abruptly fired hundreds of thousands of American workers while simultaneously sending the message “door’s open, come on in.”

According to numbers I’ve seen, illegal aliens coming across the border is up over 400 percent for the month of March. And I emphasize the term “illegal aliens” because it’s not just Central America and Mexico but others from countries all over the world. One has to wonder how many of these “refugees” are truly refugees or something more sinister. 

One thing people don’t consider is that people who are intent on harming this country don’t act on short notice. Some of these actions are planned and prepared over months or even years. Those plans sit on the shelf and are modified as needed if used.

The other aspect of this is the amount of “assistance” we provide to those illegals once they are here. I am not saying we should not be assisting them while they’re here, but it should be the absolute minimum until they can be sent back to wherever they came from while their request is considered and processed as quickly possible. Instead, the Democrats’ answer is catch and release without any effective accountability.

Another aspect of this is how they are going after the state of Georgia and how they have reformed their voting laws. One aspect that really irritates the (National Socialist) Democrats is the voter ID aspect and the reasonable time frame for early voting along with absentee voting. As a result of this legislation, the woke Democrats are flat out lying about what has been done to the voting laws, trying to make it sound like things have been cut when in fact they have been reformed and to some extent expanded. If they are able to force their changes to this it will reflect a major loss for the security and safety of our election process, not just there but across the country. 

The 2022 elections are going to be very important because the left is anxious to expand their presence on the national level. They barely hold a majority in both Houses. If they lose control of one or both Houses it will make their long term plans all but useless. Without control of both, they will be unable to force their dangerous proposals on the American people.

We hope.

Alan Marshall


War of Words

Dear Editor,

Disney fired actress Gina Carano for a post comparing “cancel culture” to Nazi Germany tactics.  At the same time, Shawnee State University professor Nicholas Meriwether faced employment termination for “misusing pronouns.”  His legal defense argued forcing someone to use “approved” pronouns is similar to forcing individuals to call someone “my Fuhrer,” a Nazi comparison.  Professor Meriwether won his case unanimously.  The comparison is accurate.  Democratic politicians frequently compare Trump to Nazis with no complaints.  Disney actors have posted similar Nazi comparisons without punishment.  In deciding who can and who cannot use a comparison, Disney is enforcing a political ideology.

Words are being deemed appropriate or inappropriate to advance political ideology.  It fences in opposition without argument.  As an example, calling illegal immigrants “illegal” has become “inappropriate.”  We have been told “people aren’t illegal.”  Factually, they broke a law.  Labeling these individuals “illegal immigrants” calls attention to the fact that lawfully passed immigration laws were broken. 

These terms are being changed to shape the conversation for biased benefit.  Since the DNC cannot change the law, they seek to change public perception for future gain.  We are being forced to forget these individuals broke a law.  At the same time, Democrats who use the label “illegal immigrant” will be forgiven.  Democrats are “intelligent” “anti-racists” with “good intentions.”  Democrats who “misuse” the term will be forgiven.  Biased media will ignore the use as an unnewsworthy “simple mistake.”  Since Republicans are “racist” and “ignorant” with “horrible intentions,” they will be punished.  Biased media will report conservative’s “misuse” as “evidence” of “racism.”

Webster joined in the biased word games.  It changed definitions of “court packing” and “preference” to protect incorrect liberal use.  The dictionary claimed definition changes were needed to reflect changing cultural values.  Many have misunderstood Dr. Jill Biden’s title as being a physician.  Both liberal and conservative reporters suggested changing the title’s definition to eliminate confusion.  However, Webster argued the 500-year history of the title must be honored.  Webster maintained historical definitions to support liberal ideology.  At the same time, they modified historical definitions to support liberal ideology.

Alan Burke