Funding for the Summit Avenue streetscape is on the agenda for the Tuesday, March 16 Greensboro City Council meeting.

The $7.7 million for street and sidewalk improvement on Summit Avenue has been a long time coming.

In 2002, when the Charles B. Aycock Neighborhood Association (now the Dunleath Neighborhood Association) held a charrette to develop plans to improve the area, it’s a safe bet that none of the participants thought it would take 19 years for the city to fund their ideas.

But there has been progress since 2002.  In 2003, the City Council adopted the “Strategic Plan for the Aycock Neighborhood.”  And, in 2006, the City Council made up of Mayor Keith Holliday and Councilmembers Sandra Anderson Groat, Florence Gatten, Yvonne Johnson, Dianne Bellamy-Small, Goldie Wells, Tom Phillips, Mike Barber and Sandy Carmany approved the Summit Avenue Corridor Plan with recommended streetscaping improvements that are similar to what the City Council is funding in 2021. Councilmembers Johnson and Wells will be the only two councilmembers with the opportunity to vote for the plan and for the funding.

Phase One of the Summit Avenue streetscape plan on the agenda will cover the area from Bessemer Avenue to Percy Street and also include Yanceyville Street from Fifth Avenue to East Lindsay Avenue.

The current version of this project began with public meetings in 2016 and 2017.  Evidently the statute of limitations had run out on the public meetings in 2002.  Those meetings were followed by right-of-way acquisition with Phase 1 construction to begin in April.

Phase 2 includes improvements from LeBauer Park to the railroad underpass and is supposed to begin in the spring of 2022 and be complete by the fall of 2022, which happens to be 20 years after that first meeting.

It is fitting that the Summit Avenue streetscape project ties in with the Downtown Greenway project, which is even older than the Summit Avenue project.  The Downtown Greenway was included on the Center City Master Plan in 2001.