The very large check from the federal government hasn’t arrived yet, but Guilford County officials are already thinking hard about the best way to use the coming $104 million from the nearly $2 trillion federal stimulus package that was just approved in Washington. 

Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said on Friday, March 12, that he wants to see Guilford County, the school system and the cities and towns in the county coordinate their stimulus money spending efforts for the most efficient use of money to achieve the greatest success.

Last year, Guilford County was extremely fortunate to get over $93 million for use in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, but the county can still really use this new round of funding.  Alston said that, this time around, he wants to see more communication between the county, the schools, the towns and the cities.  He said that this time around the school system, the City of Greensboro and other entities will, like the county, get large sums of federal money of their own – and, while each entity will each decide how to spend the money, it’s very important to coordinate that effort.

“The last time, when the county had $93 million, we just gave the money out – we didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion about how to use the money,” he said.

Alston added that the fate of the $93 million was really determined by the county commissioners with little input from schools or the cities and towns.

“I want us to get together so we can have the highest and best use of the money,” Alston said.

He also said it won’t take long for this money to be put to good use.

“We’re expecting half almost immediately,” the chairman said.  

“But we have until 2024 to spend it,” he added.