A Letter To The Editor By Rhino Reader Lynn Andrew

What Can You Do Now?

Last’s weeks’ court decision produced a chorus of “What Can I Do About This?” among many of those I know.  In response, I wanted to share some tangible actions that are readily available in this situation.

  • Attend local GOP meetings and events – Guilford.nc.gop
  • Join one of the many county GOP clubs
  • Volunteer at the local GOP office
  • Volunteer for a Candidate
  • Register Voters
  • Vote
  • Work at the polls – they need judges and staff and the GOP needs poll observers
  • Donate – to the GOP, a GOP Club or directly to a candidate
  • Extend these opportunities to others you know

As you can see, there are many things that can be done.  Please do not fall into the trap of spending your time online complaining or watching the news cycle repeatedly.  That does not move the needle in a positive direction. If you love this country and the freedoms we have, put some of your time, talent, and money into the cause.

Lynn Andrew

High Point