The Guilford County Parks Department has been doing some great things in recent years and now parks officials are asking for your advice as to how to make the parks system even better.

They’re asking county residents to take a survey, which will help guide the direction of parks’ plans as a master plan is formulated.

On Tuesday, June 11, the Parks Department invited community members to “help shape the future of Guilford County’s parks, trails, and open spaces” by participating in a new public input survey.

 In order to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, the county has launched an online survey to let residents participate from their homes or workplaces. It covers a wide range of topics, including park amenities and environmental concerns.

Guilford County Parks Director Dwight Godwin said it’s important for county residents to respond to the survey, which can be found at (When you go to the page, the graphics across the top of the page change –wait for the one regarding the survey and click on that.)

“This survey is a crucial step in our mission to create a park system that meets the diverse needs of our community,” he said this week. “We want every resident to have a say in how we enhance and develop our parks, ensuring they remain vibrant spaces for recreation and conservation for years to come.”

Since mid-2023, Guilford County residents have been providing input to the county through a series of community workshops, stakeholder meetings, and social media interactions. This involved initiative is part of the county’s efforts to create a Comprehensive Master Plan that is meant to guide the future of Guilford County parks for the next decade.

According to county officials, “The 10-year Comprehensive Master Plan will evaluate and provide strategic direction for the Guilford County Parks system, which includes seven regional parks (five of which are operated by the county), ten passive parks, over 60 miles of trails and greenways, and over 4,500 acres of open space.”

Residents are also encouraged to stay informed about other upcoming engagement opportunities.