The Importance Of Children

Dear Editor,

How important do you value the health and welfare of children?  Surely none of us would knowingly tolerate and stand by and allow a single child to hurt and do without.

Last year poverty in our country was reduced by half due to the efforts of the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress who expanded the federal government’s child tax credits and provided stimulus payments to families.  Lest we forget as election time nears …

Bob Kollar



Democrats Exposed As Hypocrites

Dear Editor,

In a stroke of genius Gov. Ron DeSantis flew two plane loads of illegals to the liberal Democrat haven, Martha’s Vineyard. Please make sure whoever suggested that gets a big, fat bonus. And this morning I saw more were sent to the VP’s official home, the National Observatory. Finally, someone is standing up and telling the (National Socialist) Democrat Party that the gloves are off and we are going to fight this fight by your rules. And in doing so they have been publicly exposed as the hypocrites they are.

The mayor of Chicago went so far as to send the buses sent there to the suburbs around her city, and they were places run by conservatives/Republicans. Hey Lightfoot, can’t stand being shown as the hypocrite that you are? (Insert picture of crying baby here.) The only negative to this we are talking about human beings here. Granted they knowingly broke the law coming here the way they did.

I’m waiting for the hypocritical blowback from the whining liberals who will scream about how inhumane and cruel all this is. Guess what, your handler/masters have created this mess. There are going to be “casualties” in this war and as a combat experienced leader I know that. I always took every possible action to avoid it but as any military leader will tell you, “the mission comes first.” The other side could easily mitigate the outcome but won’t.

This country has reached a tipping point and the gloves have to come off in order to save and preserve our constitutional republic from those that would appear to prefer a socialist democracy instead. And anyone who questions has their head in the sand or is an active participant. Americans need to quit watching their phones saying, “someone should do something” and get involved. This is our country, not the professional politicians. Quit saying “the government should do something” because they are doing something … that benefits them, not us. News flash: It’s supposed to be the other way around!

We reap what we sow, and right now it looks like we are sowing a lot of useless weeds.

On another subject, where is the call for using the 25 Amendment on Joe? The only reason I can think is if it were used successfully is it would lead to a President Harris.  I shudder at that thought!

Alan Marshall