If you live in the High Point area and notice that the water level in Piedmont Lake is not what it should be this fall, well it’s not the result of global warming or alien activity, but instead, it’s something that the City of High Point is doing on purpose.

Piedmont Lake is located near Regency Drive and Piedmont Parkway in High Point.

For about two months, the city will be dredging sediment from part of the lake and it turns out that dredging is a lot easier when the water level is low.

So, High Point will lower the level to remove sediment and debris from the bottom of the Upper Piedmont Lake section.

Dredging is frequently conducted in many waterways around the world because sand and silt wash downstream – often blocking passages and creating other problems.

One goal of the dredging process is to reduce water pollution and improve water quality in the lake.

Sometimes lowering the water level of a body of water and dredging it can lead to the discovery of interesting things like an unidentified dead body or a 1936 Studebaker.

Assuming that not too many unknowns are encountered, the plan is for crews to conduct the operation starting this weekend and finishing up by late November.  The City of High Point will lower the water level at Upper Piedmont Lake from Friday, Sept. 19, to Monday, Nov. 21.

The lake’s water levels will be lowered gradually, and no residents are expected to be negatively affected.

If someone does experience issues, or just has questions or concerns about the process, they can contact the High Point Public Services Department for answers or solutions.