Peaceful Protestors Demand Revolution

Dear Editor,

On Sept. 12, a BLM/Antifa “peaceful protestor” walked up to a sheriff’s car in LA County and opened fire on the two deputies sitting inside, hitting them multiple times before running away like the true coward he is. And it’s on video; that’s my source.

The next thing you know more of the BLM/Antifa animals, I mean peaceful protestors, storm the hospital where the two officers were taken, blocking the entry and exit to the emergency room screaming they hope the two officers die and threatening other officers on the scene screaming, “you’re next” and “y’all gonna die, one by one.”

Please, please, please, make your usual posts. I can’t wait to see them.

Also on their “peaceful” agenda was closing down the George Washington Bridge, disrupting traffic. Their leader, Hawk Newsome, said they shut down the bridge “for our sisters and brothers who had their lives stolen by AmeriKKKa.”

When three of them were arrested they then descended on the 34th Precinct police station but didn’t get the Portland greeting. NYPD went after them. So in frustration, they started down the streets harassing diners by yelling, “Sorry to interrupt your dinner, it’s a revolution”

So in essence, they are now openly admitting what their goals are. They are admitting they are fomenting revolution. So much for a conspiracy theory.

Then a BLM/Antifa “social justice warrior” posing as a journalist pointed out BlazeTV host and reporter Elijah Schaffer and started yelling to the crown that he was a white supremacist, getting the crowd worked up to attack him. Fortunately there were police close by who saw and managed to get him out.

Want an idea as to how things will go if these peaceful social justice warriors of the BLM/Antifa/socialist/Marxist “worker’s paradise” get their way? Here’s an excerpt from a news article about justice in Iran.

The wrestler’s brothers Vahid Afkari and Habib Afkari were sentenced to 54 and 27 years in prison, respectively, as well as 74 lashes for each man. The Afkari brothers were charged with 20 different crimes, including “attending illegal gatherings, assembly and conspiracy to commit crimes against national security and insulting the supreme leader.”

OK, so maybe saying they would administer the lashes is going a bit too far.

Again, I’m looking forward to the defense of these “people”.

Alan Marshall