Hamas Needs To Be Eradicated

Dear Editor,

It didn’t take long, did it?

It was only a couple of days and the anti-Semitic nut jobs were out in force. They were lamenting the humanitarian abuses from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) that hadn’t even happened yet.

A quote from an article in the News & Record detailing an anti- Israel rally:

“What we’ve seen this week is an everyday reality for the Palestinian people,” said Maitha Ali, one of the event’s organizers and of Palestinian descent, as the crowd swelled to about 400.”

Did she really just say that?

So, every day the IDF burst into Palestinian houses and drag children and grandmothers out of their homes, never to be seen again?

Every day, Israeli soldiers paraglide into Palestinian music festivals with their AK-47’s blasting, targeting innocent teenagers who are there just to celebrate life?

Every day, agents of Israel search out pregnant Palestinians and cut the fetuses out of their wombs and behead them, along with other unfortunate infants they happen to come across.

I’m sorry but the inconveniences experienced by the Palestinians in Israel, whether real or imagined, could never approach the evil that Hamas inflicted on the Israeli people during their last crime against humanity. She should be ashamed for thinking it, let alone saying it out loud.

Sometimes I forget how evil this world can be and it takes something like this to wake me up. Unfortunately when it gets to the point where a massacre of this magnitude occurs it requires a response of equal or greater force and thousands more will suffer or die. Opportunity should be seized, and Hamas needs to be eradicated completely.

It’s going to take a while, if ever, for the pictures from this assault on humanity to fade. God help us all.

Lee Haywood